Sodding lawns

The Nashville area has a very unique variety of climate changes. Forget what ever you learned about turf grasses and lawn maintenance from somewhere else. Thank you for visiting us today lets get started educating you on the way to have the nashville lawn you deserve. Nashville lawn care is here to help you with valuable information and services you need for your lawn.

There are 3 sod varieties to choose from in the Nashville Middle Tn area:

Sod Type 1, Fescue is the main sod variety because of it's ability to stay gren during winter, it is readily available for delivery and installation with 500 sq ft per pallet it is easy to figure out how much you will need.

Sod type 2, Bermuda sod is next, it turns brown in winter but once sodded on your property if it is full sun you will be glad you have it. Every year we have a drought and bermuda loves drought conditions. At 500 sq ft per pallet it is also easy to figure out how much sod you will be needing. Delivery is easy with bermuda and most sod farms have it.

Sod type 3, Zoysia will make you happy because it is the lowest maintenance out of the three available, it will take shade and drought while growing short. It also has a slow growth habbit which means less fighting with it on the sidewalks or garden beds. Zoysia will turn brown during winter and is a little harder to figure your square footage because it comes 450 square feet to a pallet.

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